Research & Discoveries (R&D): First Million Rider-Only Miles & How the Waymo Driver is Improving Road Safety

Academics and experts around the world are studying how AVs can improve road safety, enhance mobility, and create new economic opportunities, among other transformative benefits. AVIA’s Research & Discoveries (R&D) Series highlights these reports’ findings about how AVs can create a safer and more mobile world

Need To Know (NTK): Waymo Surpassed 1 Million Rider-Only Miles With No Reported Injuries Across Multiple U.S. Cities

In January, Waymo exceeded one million miles on public roads without a human driver behind the wheel. Waymo released a safety performance study that indicates that its autonomous driving system, the Waymo Driver, is effective in reducing injuries and fatalities on the road.


Waymo’s data analysis tracked an expansive number of AVs and riders. Over the course of 1,000,000 miles on public roads, the data revealed:


Diving deeper, Waymo also summarized all contact events experienced while reaching one million miles to provide a more in-depth look into the performance of the Waymo Driver and where it stands compared to human driving:


By studying the performance of the Waymo Driver and contextualizing the data with the human driving record, the findings emphasize the Waymo Driver’s abilities to reduce injuries and fatalities on the road. The Waymo Driver is able to improve roadway safety by “mitigating the potential for injury by driving safely, responsibly, and defensively to avoid entering into a conflict situation in the first place and taking an appropriate avoidance maneuver if a conflict develops.”