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What AVIA’s members are saying...
AVIA has earned the trust of others seeking guidance in how to establish sensible policies and regulatory frameworks.
AVIA is a critical voice at a critical juncture.
[AVIA is] the premier forum in which the voices and expertise of the industry’s major players can be heard and harnessed to advance common goals.
AVIA is a key voice in educating state and federal policy makers on the benefits of autonomous driving technology and advocating for policies that will allow for the safe and timely deployment of this technology.
As the ‘unified voice of the diverse companies building AVs,’ AVIA is helping to shape the policies that will ensure the safe and timely deployment of this important technology.
We’re proud to be a member of the organization, and value AVIA’s voice in the broader discussion about the future of safe, efficient transportation and our supply chain.
As the voice of the AV industry, AVIA is leading the charge to develop and implement the policies that will enable the safe deployment of this exciting technology.
AVIA is a valuable partner, serving as a conduit to important stakeholders and a channel for clear, reliable information about AVs.
AVIA is indispensable as a force-multiplier for Kodiak, as well as a key forum for the industry. Belonging to AVIA allows Kodiak to help keep tabs on fast-moving AV policy, while influencing policymakers in Washington and beyond.