Research & Discoveries (R&D): “2022 Consumer Mobility Report” From Motional

Academics and experts around the world are studying how AVs can improve safety, enhance mobility, and create new economic opportunities, among other transformative benefits. AVIA’s Research & Discoveries (R&D) Series highlights these reports’ findings about how AVs can create a safer and more mobile world.    

Need To Know (NTK): Consumers Recognize The Unique Benefits of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs); Increased Exposure Creates Comfortability With AVs

Motional released its 2022 Consumer Mobility Report analyzing consumer interest in the benefits of AVs and the obstacles autonomous ride-hail service may face. Findings from the report revealed that young people overwhelmingly recognize the safety of AVs and increased familiarity with the technology creates more comfort with it.  


Younger generations are embracing the new technology. Respondents who feel comfortable with the safety of AV technology: 

Additionally, 86% of Gen Z respondents and 83% of Millennial respondents had no concerns over AV vehicle security. 

Millennials currently make up the largest segment of the U.S. population and are hitting their peak money-making years. Gen Z’s comfort with AVs, coupled with the projection of Gen Z surpassing Millennials as a consumer base around 2026, offers a favorable future for the adoption of AVs. 


The rise of AV public awareness correlates to an increase in the general public’s comfort with autonomous technologies.  

Amongst respondents who have been a passenger in an AV:


Americans have become increasingly aware of the safety benefits AVs provide compared to human drivers. Respondents believe that AVs will significantly increase road safety and reduce dangerous driving habits such as drunk driving (48%) and distracted driving (39%).


The option to ride in an AV also provides increased levels of safety. Respondents cited the following for choosing an AV: 

Respondents conveyed that a customized riding experience is an important factor as to why they prefer AVs to a human-driver:


Motional’s report concludes that majorities of younger American generations recognize the safety and readiness of AVs and there is “a growing interest in AVs as more consumers become familiar with the technology and possible benefits.” The future is bright for autonomous vehicles and the benefits they will bring to Americans.