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Senate Commerce Committee Passes Self-Driving Legislation At Today’s Markup

Washington -- Following today’s vote in favor of self-driving legislation out of the Senate Commerce Committee, the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets issued the following statement from general counsel David Strickland:

“Today the U.S Senate Commerce Committee took a critical step forward in the effort to save lives, improve public safety and increase mobility for the elderly, disabled and underserved. By supporting a national framework for autonomous cars, this pivotal legislation will help ensure that the United States leads the world in self-driving innovation.

“The Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets thanks Senators Thune and Peters for their leadership on self-driving cars, and we thank the entire Senate Commerce Committee for their recognition of self-driving’s safety and mobility benefits. We look forward to working with the Senate and House of Representatives to finalize legislation that facilitates the safe testing and deployment of self-driving technology, and we will continue to work with bipartisan Members of Congress on self-driving policies that apply to all types of motor vehicles.”

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