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Self-Driving Coalition Statement on Pennsylvania's DRIVE SMART Act

Washington, D.C. - The Self-Driving Coalition released the following statement on the introduction of Pennsylvania's DRIVE SMART Act:

“Autonomous vehicles (AVs) provide a transformative opportunity to save lives, improve mobility for disability and elderly communities, and support economic growth in Pennsylvania and create new freight opportunities for local agricultural, manufacturing and retail businesses. As the home of some of the world’s leading AV companies, Pennsylvanians are already poised to be some of the first to see this technology at work," said general counsel Ariel Wolf.

“We thank Chairman Wayne Langerholc for recognizing the significant benefits that AVs can bring to the Commonwealth, and we appreciate his leadership on the issue. We look forward to continued work with the Chairman and state lawmakers to establish a legal framework for driverless testing as well as a path for deployment to fully deliver on these benefits to Pennsylvanians.”