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Self-Driving Coalition Statement on NHTSA's General Standing Order

Washington, D.C. - The Self-Driving Coalition released the below statement from general counsel Ariel Wolf on today's NHTSA general standing order:

"The Self-Driving Coalition and NHTSA share the same goal: to significantly reduce the number of lives tragically lost each year on U.S. roads. Clear national reporting standards can be an important means to increase public understanding of autonomous vehicles. But there must be a distinction between our members’ autonomous vehicles--which do not require human intervention to operate safely--and driver assistance technology like Tesla’s, which requires an attentive driver.

“We have worked with NHTSA in a highly collaborative and transparent way, going back to the first AV guidance (FAVP 1.0) in 2016. As we review NHTSA’s new standing general order, the Coalition hopes to restart those constructive conversations so that we can work together to save lives and make our roads safer for everyone.”