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AVIA Statement Ahead of California SB 915 Hearing

The Autonomous Vehicle Industry Association issued the following statement from chief executive officer Jeff Farrah ahead of tomorrow’s hearing on California SB 915:

“By requiring every local government to pass an AV ordinance, SB 915 would halt AVs’ progress in California and harm those seeking new mobility opportunities. We urge lawmakers to reject SB 915 – a bill that is equivalent to needing a different driver’s license for every city a driver passes through. Cities are critical partners for AV companies, and the AV industry is committed to fostering close and collaborative relationships with city officials and local law enforcement to ensure AVs’ safety, accessibility and economic benefits become a reality.”

California will host the first committee hearing on SB 915 this Wednesday. Last week a group of 65+ disability rights, local business groups, transit orgs and local officials in California sent a letter expressing accessibility, safety and other concerns with SB 915.