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AV Industry Statement on NHTSA’s Planned Standing General Order Reporting

Washington, DC - The Autonomous Vehicle Industry Association (AVIA) released the following statement ahead of the upcoming NHTSA release of data collected from its Standing General Order:

“NHTSA and the AV industry share the same goal: significantly reducing the number of lives lost each year in motor vehicle crashes. The Autonomous Vehicle Industry Association (AVIA) is encouraged that NHTSA’s planned reporting will clearly delineate between data from driver-assist technology and autonomous vehicles,” said AVIA general counsel Ariel Wolf. “The agency has an important role in ensuring that consumers understand the difference between the two technologies, and the planned reporting distinctions can go a long way in the efforts to stop confusion, misconceptions and the safety risks that arise from misunderstanding driver-assist capabilities.

“From development to testing to deployment, safety is the top priority for AVs, and we are confident in the technology’s safety record. With the safety crisis on our roads and nearly 43,000 deaths in motor vehicle crashes last year, we look forward to continued engagement with NHTSA, USDOT, Congress and other stakeholders to advance policies that facilitate AVs.”

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